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Laufband FX300Hält Sie am Laufen!

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Verfügbarkeit: ab 23.08.2019

Laufband FX300

Hält Sie am Laufen!

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Laufband FX300- Hält Sie am Laufen!

Keeps you on the go!

Stay fit and healthy with the ultra-smart home trainer.
This highly practical treadmill is perfect for your home! Quick to set up, quick to collapse and taking up almost no space at all, this smart home trainer is nevertheless equipped with all the cool features. Whether you just want to improve your stamina or aim for bigger fitness goals, the FX300 is your faithful companion!


  • Easy-Folding System (no assembly necessary!)
  • Ultra-Slim: Folded only 21 cm high
  • running height 7 cm
  • 2 PS DC motor
  • Smarttracking Outdoor & Indoor Mode (App compatible with FitShow and Kinomap) - sync from inside + outside possible
  • pre-installed cup holder
  • perforated anti-slip system for the most stable grip
  • USB charging port
  • running surface of 51 cm x 120 cm
  • User weight: 110 kg

Easy Folding

With the fully collapsible mechanism no assembly is necessary. The treadmill is ultra-slim with a folded height of only 21cm. Thanks to the transport wheels, it is easily moved and quick to stow away.

Full Tracking

Save your data at any time with the indoor and outdoor smart tracking feature giving you a perfect record and overview of your progress. Each step brings you closer to your goal and with this feature, your next-marathon training is made more systematic and effective.

Touch Sensitive

The finger pulse sensor measures your pulse with just one touch. Just place your thumb and get instant reliable and accurate results.


You are safe on the running track: with an extra wide running surface of 1200x510mm you have all the space you need while running and thanks to the super low running height of just 7cm, it fits neatly under the sofa!

The right power-drive

The 2hp DC engine really impresses with its peak output of 16km/h. With full power, this brings you daily closer to your dream figure and level of fitness.

A solid base

The FX300 allows you train while being particularly gentle on your body joints. This is ensured thanks to the innovative cushioning technology with a 5-fold multi-layer treat - allowing you run comfortably without complaint.

Smart training

For even more control over your training, the treadmill is pulse strap compatible. Keep accurate track of your heart rate with the pulse strap and make your cardio workout even more effective.


The ribbon not only convinces with its ultra-modern features, but also with its elegant and minimalist design. Train in style!


The low-maintenance engine has an exceptionally low noise level of 60dB allowing you worry-free training whenever you want - even a baby wouldn't miss their nap!